Snowflakes in the Air

Snowflake Jewelry at Vignola

After receiving over 7 feet of snow this winter, the addition of a few more inches wasn’t about to keep us from going out to dinner on a Saturday night. Expecting this storm, I had planned ahead and brought pieces from our New England Snowflake Jewelry Collection home for Nicole to wear.

I went out to warmup the car and already there was an inch of snow on the windshield. I blew on it. It was so light, the flakes scattered, sparkling under the outside house light.

Nicole came out and she had on a black wool coat. I took a few pictures of the snowflakes on her sleeve. With the snowflake bracelet off to the side I was able to capture a few well-formed flakes.

Vignola has great lighting. Wine bottle chandeliers and industrial filament bulbs give the restaurant a comfortable modern romantic feeling. There’s nothing like a warm incandescent bulb to create an inviting space and with the snow falling outside it felt even better.

To start, we had French onion soup. It was respectable, but the bar for French Onion Soup has been set very high for us. Last winter we spent 3 days in Quebec City. While there we had the best French Onion Soup of our lives at Café St. Malo – a small restaurant between the Old Port and Lower Town. It had a rich deep soul satisfying flavor that left us marked for life.

When we returned home I told my Dad about this soup. He said he too had the best onion soup of his life while in Quebec 35 years ago, though he doesn’t remember where. He hasn’t found an equal since. Nicole and I are now on a quest to find an onion soup here in Maine that can compare. We’re definitely open to suggestions!

For an entrée, I had the Zuppa di Pesce- a mix of seafood in a spicy tomato sauce. It wasn’t overly spicy. A decent choice for a cold evening. Nicole’s Beef Braciole was good. It had a nice flavor but the carrots were bit undercooked. Next time we’ll stop in for a drink and appetizers.

After dinner we took a quick walk down Wharf Street and I took my favorite picture of the evening – Nicole smiling, snow coming down, the glow of Fore Street in the background and the Maine Snowflake pin on her coat.

The evening’s jewelry was the New England Snowflake Collection. Large Maine snowflake necklace, dangle earrings, and pin as well as the 6 snowflake bracelet. Each snowflake on the bracelet represents a different New England state. The snowflakes on the bracelet were created from actual flakes.


 Visit our Snowflake Collection Online


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