Fly Me to the Moon

Apollo 8 Necklace & Earrings at
Maine Restaurant Week’s Signature Event

If you mix food, drinks, nice cars, electronic music, and colored stage lights all under the roof of a car repair bay, you get Maine Restaurant Weeks Signature Event and it’s a blast. I know that a car repair shop sounds like an odd place to hold a foodie event, but it turns out to be great venue.
For several years now the signature event has been held at the Prime Mercedes dealership in Scarborough. Both times we’ve gone we come away amazed at how clean the repair shop is – no oil spots! The place looks and smells brand new. We’re not sure how they keep it spotless. It’s one of life’s great mysteries.


A couple years ago we had the opportunity to go when it was cocktails paired with deserts. This year it was cocktails paired with a savory bite. Being able to try different foods and drinks from varying establishments at the same time is a real treat.

Going to an event like this Nicole and I felt like TV cooking show judges – in our imaginations we were Padma Lakshmi and Anthony Bourdain. It seems like a fun job and it certainly is to try the variety of chef inspirations over an hour and a half. It is, however, much more challenging than it appears from the couch. The first few tables went smoothly, but as the food and drink kept coming it became difficult to keep all the differences straight. To compare three or four items is easy, but 11 small plates and 11 drinks make for a challenge.



We didn’t take notes so Nicole and I can provide the highlights – David’s Opus Ten had our favorite drink, a sweet chocolate flavored cocktail with a surprisingly spicy aftertaste. Their small bite was also excellent, a beignet pastry topped with pulled pork. We both loved the savory and sweet combination.

The showmanship award goes to Marche of Lewiston. The two young bearded bartenders had the ladies entertained as they shook and poured their ruby red citrus cocktail. They also added a bit of pyrotechnic flair, spraying a spiced alcohol mixture into a flame which gave the small drink cups a sprinkling of added flavor.


Natalie’s had my favorite dish, smoked chicken in a pastry dough. It required a second and third sampling. I see a trip to Camden in our future.

Before leaving we spent a few minutes dreaming in the showroom. Nicole was ready to take home a GLA 250 Mercedes. I had to pull her back to reality, our Camry awaited in the parking lot.


In the short time since Fine Jewelry Foodie began the Apollo 8 necklace and earrings were Nicole’s favorite pieces to wear and from my viewpoint they looked incredible on her. The combination of rose gold, white topaz, black rhodium and diamonds make for a striking presence and their undulating lunar-like surface adds to their appeal. Fun pieces for a fun evening.


Visit our Apollo 8 Collection Online


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