Road Trip South

Wind & Waves Jewelry at MC Perkins Cove

Nicole and I were picking up a new dining table in Kennebunk on a recent Sunday from Americana Workshop, the first piece of furniture we’ve purchased together. We had the time, so we thought we’d go a few more miles south to Ogunquit and have brunch at MC Perkins.

Ogunquit is a nice town to visit, as long as it’s not July or August when traffic crawls and parking becomes scarce. A couple times a year we like walking the shore path that travels along the rocky coast from the center of town to Perkins cove.

On this cold and windy march afternoon parking was easy as was getting a table. Nestled in a little cove with views north toward Kennebunk, MC Perkins may have one of the best locations for a restaurant in the State.

Just inside the door you find a long polished wood bar that leads to the dining area where they take full advantage of their site with large picture windows. All the tables in the place have a full view of the cove.


The interior is very nice. Nicole thought it felt manly with the browns and the beiges, and while it’s a little fancy, it’s actually very comfortable. Even though the downstairs was fairly open they seated us upstairs. We had the second floor all to ourselves, and with our own private waiter for most of the meal. I thought he sounded and looked a bit like a younger Christoph Waltz of Big Eyes, Django Unchained, and Water for Elephants. Before leaving we learned he was from Russia, but had spent many summers in Maine. I guess I’m not the best at deciphering accents (Russian vs Austrian).



Neither of us are Bloody Mary enthusiasts, but for those who are, they had five or six versions on a special brunch cocktail menu.

We both chose savory dishes and decided to share a desert appetizer of blueberry doughnuts with a side glaze. The first bite was a welcomed surprise, it’s not often you get to have warm freshly made doughnuts and if they routinely came this way we both said we’d be in trouble.


By itself the doughnut was very good, not too sweet with a homemade flavor. When the lemon thyme glaze was added, it was great. We started by pouring the glaze over the doughnuts, but quickly moved to dipping them instead.


Nicole picked the BLT. It was a large sandwich with avocado and an herb mayo. The bacon was done just right, and the avocado was a nice addition.


Her sandwich also came with homemade chips. They were a good basic chip. I thought they looked beautiful and took a picture of the light coming through one. They were golden orange and looked like an infrared image of the sun.


I went with the fried egg with ham. The ham came cubed and was delicious. Spread on the sides of the plate tasted like an adobo sauce that worked really well the rest of the dish. They made something really simple delicious. Nicole said they were the best eggs she’s ever had! Next time she said she’s ordering the eggs.


While Nicole wasn’t the biggest fan of the seared toast it was a highlight for me. It tasted like it was made over a campfire – a hint of smoky deliciousness.

The experience at MC Perkins was terrific – nice views and excellent food. Sometimes the two don’t go together, but they pull it off nicely.

Leaving the restaurant was like leaving an oasis of calm. A flag outside the restaurant was stiff in the wind and it was biting cold. Nicole went right to the car. I spent a few minutes and took pictures of the boats in the narrow channel beside the cove. Great light on the water!



Nicole was wearing a new collection, the Wind and Waves necklace, bracelet and earrings – very apt for the day’s weather.

At an international jewelry show this February we discovered the bracelet first. We loved it. The artist suggested the necklace and earrings to match. We were hesitant until she put the necklace on. The transformation was stunning.


Visit our Wind & Waves Jewelery Collection Online


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