Stephen Dreams of Sushi

Rain Drops & Miyake

The first time we went to Miyake was when it was a bring-your-own-beer neighborhood restaurant that sat about 15 people shoulder to shoulder. To say it was small would be generous, and it was always full. It was not your typical California roll, tuna with cream cheese sushi experience. The quality, presentation and creativity were above all other sushi restaurants we’d tried.

We recently visited the new, larger Miyake on Fore St. The interior has a calming presence – dark wood, backlit white fabric wall, and a cool maze-like cut-out dropped ceiling.

Nicole wore our new rain chain necklace and bracelet. The hundreds of small dangling silver drops give these pieces a suppleness which is unusual and playful.


I decided to go for the full Miyake experience, the “Chef’s Choice”, which is like showing up at someone’s house for dinner and having whatever is being served that night.

Nicole went from the menu and selected 4 dishes.

As a surprise starter we were both served a cabbage Maine seaweed salad. Nicole put it best, “often you have a seaweed salad and come away saying it was good for a seaweed salad. This seaweed salad was delicious.” It was pickled with a mild flavor.


Nicole’s first dish was tuna three ways which made her feel like a tv food show judge. One of the preparations was Zuke, which was marinated in a soy sauce and turned out to be her favorite of the night.

I received an assortment of sashimi (raw fish). The fish was fresh, the presentation dramatic with the colors popping against the black plate. I had raw lobster for the first time and it tasted remarkably like cooked lobster.

pic 1

Next out for the chefs choice was Sea Urchin – not something I would typically order, but definitely fun to try. It reminded me of an oyster, but not as strong a sea flavor.

Nicole’s crab cake came with a little salad that included radishes and goat cheese. The salad was a nice a surprise that she hadn’t noticed as part of the dish when she ordered.


To the left, the empty bowl of Chawanmushi, a hot egg custard served in a teacup. It had the consistency of flan but was savory. At the bottom was a gingko nut – very tasty. To the right were small clams served in a tea kettle with a wonderful earthy broth. After finishing the clams we drank the broth with the tea cup provided.


The first thing Nicole noticed about her swordfish was that they used the same sauce that sushi restaurants would typically use on eel. The sauce made the dish really good, it was very flaky and tender.

I was a little too excited for my next course, skate cheek and forgot to take a picture. The skate cheek was shaped like a scallop, but flaky like fish.

IMG_1007The finale for both of us were pieces of nigri (raw fish with rice). Often when having sushi I like to add more wasabi, ginger, and dip into soy sauce. During this meal I skipped the wasabi and ginger and used the soy sauce sparingly to really get the full flavor of the fish. All pieces were fresh and delicious.

pic4We haven’t been to many sushi restaurants outside of Maine, so we don’t have a lot to compare to, but Miyake is the best we’ve had. Maybe someday we’ll get to try sushi in New York City or visit Jiro in Japan.

x3161_zoomRain Chain Necklace & Bracelet


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